LLF: A second place and a lot of confidence. An interview with Szeherezadka.

Mon 22nd Jun 2020 - 9:42pm : League of Legends

After 7 weeks of competition, Edelweiss secured second place with a 6-1 on La Ligue Fémenine wining against teams with a lot of competitive experience like Vaevictis or Movistar Riders, only losing against Galaxy Racer.

For this reason we interview the mid laner of the team Sylwia "Szeherezadka" Rychlik, to ask her a few things about the feelings of the competition and the team.

1.  What do you feel when you win against teams with more competitive experience than EDW like Vaevictis?

Even though we have low experience in competetive games I personally didin’t feel any pressure playing versus Vaevictis, it’s true that they attended in LCL but they didin’t show any experience of competitive playing at all, and answering to your question how do I feel when I win games, I guess I feel like everyone happy and proud.

2. Does the team hope to reach the final?

Our goal is to win whole LLF, do we win and reach the top 1? The games will prove it.

3. How is the team synergy when you are playing?

I think it’s on very good level, we are trying everything to improve even more our synergy including communication and of course game level.

4. A last question. Do you have somehing to say to the fans?

I just wanna say thank you all who supporting us, our team. It’s really giving us motivation to moving on. I promise Edelweiss will perform high skill level games in futher games.

The semifinals will be played on July 4. Edelweiss will face Movistar Riders to secure a place in the final. You can see it here. #GoEDW



Tomás Aguilar